The City of TITTMONING celebrates its 775th anniversary

1234 - 2009

Special event callsign DR775TMG

To mark the occasion of the city anniversary, the amateur radio operators of the town of Tittmoning and its region as well as the  chapter of Traunstein  DARC C16  are operating the special event station DR775TMG  in all modes from Mai 1st, 2009 to April 30th, 2010.

Operators so far:  Gerhard-DG9MEX · Tom-DJ6TB · Gus-DJ8QP · Hubert-DL1ZH · Rudi-DL5MEV · Robert-DL6MFK


QSL-Manager: DJ8QP  -   Volker 'Gus' Buchwald

Airmail from Germany to countries outside of Europe needs one new IRC,  1.70 EURO or 3$!

A   SAE (S elf A ddressed E nvelope) with enough returnpostage is highly appreciated, otherwise the card comes via bureau.

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Tittmoning-on-Salzach is situated in Upper Bavaria, right at the Austrian border, about 80km east of Munich, 35km in the north-west of Salzburg, and 12km south-west of Burghausen.

During the Middle Ages, Tittmoning used to be a major trading post. In 778 A.D. it was recorded for the first time as a settlement on the ancient Salt Road, an important medieval trade route.

From 1275 to 1803, Tittmoning belonged to the archbishopric of Salzburg. The town on the river is situated in the so-called "Ruperti corner" (Rupertiwinkel), a rather pleasant and beautiful region of the alpine upland. Moreover, this idyllic site in the Salzach valley boasts quite a few tourist attractions, such as a picturesque city square and a stately castle.

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< City coat of arms of 1403

The origins of the City of Tittmoning date back to the times of the Roman Empire. The year 1234 became a highlight in Tittmoning's history, when Eberhard II, archbishop of Salzburg, bought the castle hill, had it fortified and gave the town its ordinances and privileges.

Aerial view of 1985 photo: Richard Ruhland >

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Stadtplatz_II-® (792427 Byte)

Tittmoning Rathaus 2.jpg (391911 Byte)

<< Tittmoning town square

         photo Dominik Meyer





< Town hall with Floriani Fountain

View from Salzach bridge >>




Ancient inn 'Zur Post' >

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Tittmoning Burg mit Friedhof.jpg (496162 Byte)

<< Collegiate church St. Laurentius and 'Old Bakery'


For more information about the castle (built in 1234 A.D.), the museums and cultural events, see:


< Castle view from the cemetary


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Bailey with castle chapel    

Photos courtesy of Volker Buchwald

Tittmoning_Laufener_Tor.jpg (52190 Byte)

< The Laufen Gate

Tittmoning von Südosten.jpg (224144 Byte)

View from south-east

Compliments to Richard Ruhland - Tittmoning, Tittmoning Municipality, the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC),  

Dominik Meyer - Tittmoning, Gerhard G. - Ettlingen (English), Paola B. - Obing + Lourdes V.A. - Toluca/Mexico (Spanish) and Marie M. - Waldkraiburg (French)