How cold is it? or  

an annotated thermometer  (amended for amateur radio by KL7J - matched for Europe by DJ8QP)

50F (10C)  Miami rotators need heat applied

40F (4C)  Californians guywires shiver uncontrollably  - Wisconsinites go on field day

35F (2C)  Italian coax breaks

32F (0C)   Clean water freezes

30F (-1C)  You can see your breath freezing to the tower  - You plan your DX vacation to Australia  - Wisconsinites put on field day jackets

25F (-4C)  Californians turn on car heater instead of radio   - Wisconsinites think of antenna projects - Cat tries sleeping on your radio

20F (-7C)  You can hear the antenna rotator groan - Miami residents plan DX vacation further  - South Canadians enjoy outdoor operating field day

15F  (-9C)  You plan DX-vacation in Mexico  - Sometime this winter cat insists sleeping on your radio

10F (-12C)  California coax breaks - Minnesota hams finish up antenna work  - Alaskans still building antennas before winter

5F  (-15C)  You turn on your amp to heat the shack - You look up to see why the antenna seems slow rotating  - Ice detunes your yagi

0F  (-18C)  Mobile radio LCD will not work  - Alaskans put on flannel shirts - Coax freezes to the side of the house

-15F (-26C) Alaskans build a field day igloo - North Dakota hams turn heat on in shack  - Miami hams cease to exist

-20F (-29C) Cat moves to sleeping on the amp - Reading the technical manual becomes informative  - Wisconsinites note mild antenna icing

-25F (-32C) Too cold to operate without feet on keyed amp - You need more than a new country to get DX'ers excited  - You burn the old radio ads for heat

-30F (-34C) You scrape ice off the inside of the shack windows   - You think of metal fatigue as the tower groans

                     You learn something new reading the small print in the manuals

-40F (-40C)  Californian hams disappear - Wisconsinites note antenna rotators freezing  - Canadians decide to stop antenna work

-50F (-46C)  Congressional hot air about band reallocation freezes   - Alaskans note the shack window has ice on the inside

                      Minnesota hams stay inside to read radio Magazines

-80F (-62)  Alaskan rotators freeze (-82 F recorded in Alaska!)   - Alaskan coax breaks if moved - You ask your travel agent for a DX vacation in Bermuda


You want to convert     F  into   C ?         xF = 5/9(x-32)C